Joel Osteen is my boy

I watch Meet the Press on Sunday mornings. After that is a half hour informercial by Joel Osteen. Though I’m not exactly as über-religious as he is or his followers are, I do find him generally inspiring.

Today he was talking about patience,  that God has great stuff coming in our lives, He’s working for us, the timetable may not be exactly to our liking, but the breakthroughs are coming, and that mindset is very powerful.

And what is that, really?

Optimism. Positivity. Faith. Confidence (broken down to its roots, confidence means “with faith”)

To a non religious person like me,  this can translate into vibes and The Law of Attraction, what you think about expands, the universe will provide.

But if you substitute God and spirit in their,  it’s the same thing.

There’s no room for negativity on the road to success.

Why am I saying this? Eh. My job hunt has me worried about money.  And sbout my future in general.  Something has got to give. Soon  preferably.

So me?  I’m going to GIVE IN to faith.  Something great for me IS COMING. It’s on its way.  Shit, it did for a woman. In spades. I had a huge breakthrough with a woman.

So that’s proof. The next step in my career is on its way. It’s being worked on, the pieces are moving into place,  and it’s on its way.

Today my Mom told me that I should go to church. And not even to mass itself but go IN a church and pray. She’s a religious woman and she wants what’s best for me.

Couldn’t hurt right? I like prayer. It puts good vibes out there.  I do believe in vibes. Maybe vibes and the universe are really God and spirit. Who knows?

Things are happening for me, things are being moved into position for me.  A breakthrough in my career is just around the corner.


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