First Holiday Gift for her

Holy crap the pressure is on!

First Christmukkah with Mona. I know she gave me Broadway play tickets for my birthday, but there’s another show we both really want to see.

Can I buy her tickets or does that seem unoriginal now?

I know I’d have to get her other things too. Smaller things.  I have some ideas.  A Himalayan salt slab to cook on (she loves cooking and salt, like ridiculously so. She has naturally low sodium levels and adds it on everything…)

Ok maybe that’s my only official idea,  I need to start writing stuff down. Maybe some earrings?

She said to me that she’s excited to see what I get her for our first holiday together, we say “I love you” all day long, spent 7 months together,  I (should) know her pretty well. I know she’s just being playful but ugh, I’m stressed.

I guess I’m concerned because I haven’t bought anything yet or given it more thought yet or even started the looming process. I find that ideas come up as I look. That’s gotta start NOW.

Also, and probably more pressuring than any other reason,  I haven’t worked a good number of hours in over a week. Business is slow. Shit is about to get tight.

Focus, focus, focus.

I had an interview yesterday,  I have another tomorrow with a different company. I’ve applied and networked to two others this week.

I need to carry this ball into the end zone.

And think of some gifts…


  1. Hmmm…. depends what show you want to get tickets for. I know Fiddler is opening soon, and Hamilton is great success. School of Rock just opened. Wicked is still playing. How about a bottle of wine, dinner, nice necklace? I’m not a very good shopper for women, either. I don’t think we’ll ever figure them out, ya know?

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  2. Tickets are perfect since you guys enjoy them so much. The salt slab is a great idea since she loves cooking. What about a cooking class or cheese course you two could do together? When I lived in DC, my ex and I did a few classes at Sur La Table and had a really great time with it.

    Maybe a cute personalized apron from one of those online sites? Say something cutesy or an inside joke on it?

    Does she do mani/pedis? Maybe gift card to her fave place to pamper herself?

    Maybe a hotel night stay for the night you watch a show? Do you have any points or miles you could use for something like that?

    A mini getaway/drive up to some romantic place

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