Guess Who’s Coming to Thanksgiving?

Ok “came” since Thanksgiving was yesterday.

A month ago Mona and I started looking at how we could see each other for Thanksgiving.  She didn’t have her kids for the big meal.  Plus her family isn’t quite used to the fact that she’s separated. Would we see each other for dessert only?

Well, she relented. She came to my family gathering for the whole meal, from 230-715pm. It was at my dad’s first cousin in Brooklyn, though my parents nor siblings would be there.  Just my cousin, family on her husband’s side and an Uncle.

I’m not super close with these family members so I figured it would be pretty formal and light. My cousin’s husband is the only wild card but he was on his best behavior, giving me the gentlest of ribbing in front of my gf and only hinting at his political views.

Easy as (apple) pie.

And Mona came through line a champ, carrying conversations with or without me there. The review was that she was a “lovely lady friend.”

We brought gelato (4 flavors) and flowers.

So yep the love affair is a locomotive, looking better and better each day. 

I just need a fucking full- time job and it’ll be golden.

Keep pushing pushing pushing. ..


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