To Complain or Not to Complain?

Ok, “complain” may not be the best word, but it made for a tight blog post title.

Here’s the deal:

As many GRex loyalists know, I’m out of full-time work at the moment, but I am freelancing for a company, working from home on projects when projects come in and there is work to do.

There are five freelancers so they do have to spread the work around. Ok.

Last week and this week I had very little to do= made little money. The weeks before Thanksgiving, makes sense.

There is a sheet for all projects that the freelancers are working on and I saw that the others HAVE BEEN WORKING on other projects.

When I have downtime, I do say “I’m free,” “I’m can help, “I see there are other projects going on. I’m here if you need help” and the like. That’s my passive-aggressive way of saying “I saw that other projects came in that others are working on but not me, what gives?”

Of course this is all on Skype IM so I just get a “Thanks.”

One boss says “Nothing today, Enjoy the day!” You know what I enjoy? Money!

Maybe this is because the two weeks before were great work/money-wise for me so maybe this is their way of balancing it out.

Maybe they want to distribute work in proportion to seniority and I’m the new guy.

Maybe it’s because the one boss I’ve had some miscommunications with in the past is trying to give me a hint.

Part of me wants to have an actual conversation to find out what’s up, part of me wants to NOT rattle the beehive.

I’m not full-time, this IS freelancing. They can do whatever they want. I’d just like to know why.

Thoughts? Opinions? Should I? Shouldn’t I? I’m probably going to keep my trap shut and just keep applying to full-time gigs.






  1. I would inquire what you can do to increase your hours, especially if you can document that you are typically getting less hours then the other freelancers.

    Beyond that, I wouldn’t stop looking for a full time job. Helps to have options as opposed to being a “victim” of circumstances.

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