Great Birthday

So recently I had a birthday and Mona, my gf, made some awesome plans. I really don’t want a thing for my birthday, plans are great. She got me a sweater also, and…

She had these plans for two months and has been playfully teasing me about them the entire time,  dropping hints but not telling outright. I guessed a bunch of things, one of which was the actual thing but I didn’t know for sure.

She took me to a great Mexican place in the city first. The corn alone was amazing


Salty and bbqy goodness.

And the tacos and dessert were just sinful.

Then we saw a Broadway play. One of the hottest tickets in town.  She and I have seen two plays already, so theatre was a definite pleaser.

At first I felt bad that she spent so much,  but she brought up that I pay for mostly everything. Ok point taken.

It was hilarious and we just had a ball with each other, laughing, kissing, holding hands,  nuzzling… the usual nauseating stuff : )   I really love her company. I really love HER. We get along extremely well. I’m happy.


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