No Joke Challenge

Ok my blog about the Marathon and my Inner Clown is bothering me. Being funny is good,  but living life like it’s a sitcom doesn’t really produce the results that I want in the real world.  I am NOT Chandler Bing.

I’m not quite sure how this is going to work, but my goal is to not do/say things that are considered goofy or clown-like. No jokes. Nobody cared about the jester in middle ages.

One day.  Tomorrow (Monday.)

Let’s see how this will go.


  1. Seriously?? Don’t ever grow up! Life is too damn short. Besides, others won’t know “who” you are if you were to change your style of life / living / attitude. Enjoy life and have fun with it. Trust me…. others really depend on your laughter and banter! Probably because their own life is so damn miserable! Every time I’ve trying to “be serious” and not to joke and laugh, they ask me, “So, what’s wrong with you?” Been-there-tried-that. Didn’t work out for me, either. Enjoy the ride, my friend!

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