Facebook referrals= Oh shit!

I noticed that my blog received some referrals from Facebook.  That means that people posted links to my blog on Facebook, right?

Though I’m flattered that happened, it’s also concerning because I do not know which post was put on Facebook and l, though I try to keep things anonymous,  I do post some very private things.

Crossing my fingers that all will be ok.


  1. I checked mine and I have Facebook referrals because I included a link to my jewelry company and it goes to my facebook page because I sell it there. Have you put in any links in any of your blogs that would take you back to your facebook page?

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      • I don’t either but I shared a link to my jewelry site and since its one my facebook page as well, people are able to go there but I have high security on my page so you should be able to see my page if you are my friend…hhmm, now I am questioning it too..maybe ask wordpress, I believe they have a help button somewhere

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