They Might Be Giants Coincidence

So on FB I saw an article about the band They Might Be Giants playing in Philly in April 2016 and left it on my friend Donna’s FB page just because I think of her when I think of that band.

(I’ve known Donna since I was 14. She liked me back then but I never made a move because I was too picky and also pining for her friend who didn’t like me. We became friends, Donna and I. I wrote letters when she moved out of the US with her family for a while.  I visited her at college. No, made no move then either.  In fact, I got black out drunk. I was NOT smooth in my early 20s. But during that trip, she introduced me to that band They Might Be Giants’ music.)

Coincidentally they’re playing in Williamsburg Brooklyn in November,  her husband hates them, and it’s not a day Mona can make. So Donna and I going together. She and I had been trying to hang to catch up for years and now we will at a band concert because I left her a random FB post.


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