The Wins Coincidence (this is really crazy)

So many years ago I saw The Secret,  which talks about the Law of Attraction,  the power of keeping thoughts focused because thoughts become things,  what you think about you being about.

So in order to stay positive, one thing I started doing was issuing “Wins” emails, which basically were just a list of things that I considered to be successes for the day, no matter how big or small. 

They were basically like:

“Win: I had a great date
Win: I found a dime on the floor
Win: I completed a project at work and my boss’ boss complimented me on my work”

It was a slightly legendary amongst the group of 15 or so friends who received them.  And I felt they made a difference for me to keep me positive. And after a while I started looking for things i could do to put in a Wins email. It was a great inspiration for me… and for those who received it.

The Wins were spreading.

After a while, I stopped. I forget why. It’s been like 5 years since I’ve even THOUGHT about them.

Now this evening I was pretty down in the dumps, driving in my car to my friend Bob’s place. Focusing on negative things and all “woe is me.”

Then it hit me. I was in a bad place,  needed a tool, so I’m going to issue Wins emails again.

I called my pal Stan from my car (hands-free calling,) reminded him about the Wins emails,  asked if he’d receive them again. Good ol Stan said yes.


So I get to Bob’s place. We bs, blahblahblah, and leave for a bar.

On the walk I inquire “hey how’s you’re girlfriend?”

“She’s kicking ass at her job. It reminds me of when you used to put out your Wins emails…”

Then I just SCREAMEDNO… FUCKING… WAY!!!  That’s RIDICULOUS!!!!!  HOW COULD HAVE POSSIBLY HAPPENED?  I just decided to do them again like TWENTY FIVE MINUTES PRIOR,  and then my other  friend just happens to mention them?


That’s divine intervention.  I’ll take that sign from God.

In case you were wondering, Bob then tied his gf’s work wins to wins I was having around my job when I was sending out these emails.



  1. Damn, Van beat me to it. But the whole thing DOES sound like a win. Maybe in addition to being a coincidence it’s also a sign – the universe wants you to do it.

    The time stamps intrigue me too. For the record, I hit ‘post’ at 12:24pm EDT

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