Good Ask

So I’ve mentioned before that I have a boss whom I don’t always see eye to eye with.  Tracey. She’s always stressed,  doesn’t read all of my IM’s/emails,  is often questioning my reasoning and critiquing my actions if they don’t match what she would have done.

Then I have another boss, Tracey’s  partner Stan, who’s pretty laid back. I guess they balance each other out.

I deal with one or the other in projects,  rarely both simultaneously.

Last week, I was working with Stan on something and I saw something possibly arising and I asked a question.

“Good ask,” he said. Yes, questions and requests are referred to as “asks” nowadays. Ah corporate speak.

And with just those two words, I was valued, appreciated and felt like my point was being heard and considered.

I can’t recall Tracey ever doing anything that “managerial.”  She’s always looking for what’s wrong,  not for what’s right.  I can do my armchair psychologist but honestly,  I don’t care.

Managers are supposed to empower and encourage their staff, especially newcomers.

Yes, she and I butted heads again today.  She basically asked me what I was doing the whole day that I didn’t get xyz done. And why?  Because I was doing abc that she assigned me this morning and it took all morning.

Of course knowing what I was doing didn’t stop her from stressing.

And if she even just said “I know it’s a pain in the ass” or “sorry but the pressure is on from the client” then all would be forgiven.

But she does not.

Ugh, things WILL get better.  They ARE getting better.


  1. One point, you stated “managers are supposed to empower and encourage your staff.” Leaders do that, managers do not. I guess this helps you define what your “bosses” are.

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      • Not semantics. Huge difference between a manager and a leader and both can be mutually exclusive.

        I have known many people that are good managers (organized, manage financials well, etc) that were horrible leaders if people (no vision, uninspiring and developed no trust/loyalty). Also vice-versa.


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