It’ll be a Fairly Nauseating Halloween

Ok. The Mets are in the World Series this year, as I’m sure you’ve heard. And yes, I have to watch EVERY game, as every other fan will be also.

Game 4 is on Saturday, which is a day that I see Mona on. And we’re going to be watching the game at a bar.

And… it’ll be Halloween. So we might as well wear costumes.

I initially suggested the Joker and Harley Quinn


She put the quick kibosh on that.

So as we scoured Amazon for ideas,  I landed on the ol reliable prisoner costume


Boom. Done. Simple.  Easy. And corny. Because we’ll be prisoners… OF LOVE!

(Sigh) Ok fine,  guess I walked right into that one. Our coupleness is a completely awesome cheesy, fairly nauseating lovefest, so Halloween can’t be anything but that.

I’m NOT complaining, I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be another great memory that we’re stockpiling.

Especially if the Mets win ; )


Extra bonus… our costumes come with HANDCUFFS! ; )


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