Dear Gullible…

So as I texted Mona tonight, she asked if I had gotten any surprises today.


But that can mean only one thing…. I scampered downstairs to my mailbox and lo and behold… a card.

I open it and it is covered in script/cursive handwriting, front and inside,  must have been a blank card originally… She wrote about how our love has grown and the unexpectedness of it all and the fun and the great connection and we’re opening up each other’s lives in an amazing way.

Whoa.  She’s absolutely right. Got a lump in my throat. That woman.  I love her. I opened it up and read the inside.

What?  She wrote, in different handwriting “Dear Rex” and “Love Mona” on it. Why would she do th-?

Oh. Were those paragraphs of meaningful words pre-printed? The handwriting looked real. Perhaps she wrote those words-that-sounded-SO SPECIFIC-to-us into her computer and she printed the card.

That minx.

I texted her, told her I received it and asked her. And she confirmed that she wrote: “Dear Rex” and “Love Mona”

And that’s it.

Egads, I’ve been hornswoggled!

Fucking Hallmark (or whatever company it was)!  Damn,  they’re good.



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