Sock color really doesn’t matter, just not white

A while ago, I went somewhere where u had to wear a button down and slacks.

I wore gray slacks but I could not find my black socks.  Fuck it,  I wore my brown socks.

And guess what? 

Nobody looked twice.

Ok ok I really have no way of knowing that… but nobody said anything to me about it. I wasn’t wearing highwater pants anyway, so my socks were covered most of the time.

One time as an experiment I even wore two socks that didn’t match each other.


Now don’t get me wrong,  I know which colors go with which, but if you’re wearing dress socks that don’t go with your outfit, it’s not that big a deal.


  1. Sorry, don’t agree at all. If I am in a meeting with a man and his legs are crossed so that I could see socks, I would notice and laugh to myself. Same goes for a date. I wouldn’t risk it.

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  2. I’m with Ms. Madeline on this one. I’m no fashion geek, but I do try to match my socks to each other and my outfit. Went so far at one point I really dumbed it down and had only black or white socks. Getting dressed at 6am, it made it easier to match socks with outfit.

    And if I notice someone that has mismatched socks, there is internal chuckling going on (at least I HOPE it stays internal), but I’m certainly not going to call them out on it. Of course, the older I get, the fewer fucks I have to give, so one never knows . . .

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      • Oh, I’ve moved on from my black & white days. Even been talking with people at work, crossed my legs only to find I have 1 gray & 1 blue sock on. Sometimes argyles are easier. Be a hoot to mismatch those!


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