Walk of Shame

My friend Steve asked me to hang last night- dinner and watch the game at his apt, the wife and oldest child were out of town.  I haven’t seen Steve in a year so sure I’ll do it.

Wait… Steve lives in Manhattan,  I live in deep Brooklyn.  And the game started at 8:37pm last night. And it’s a game I really wanted to see ALL of, not miss any.


So ok dinner was great at a German place close to Steve’s apt. Some brats and a couple beers. Then back to his apt for baseball and… MORE BEER.


Yeah I could have said no. The problem was that I was already lubed up with alcohol from dinner, so we bought more beer on the walk to his place.

The grand mistake was scheduling.  A baseball 8:37pm start doesn’t end until late. Ok I admit I’m not sure when it ended but after 11:30pm to be sure. At that time that NY subways run infrequently which makes going home a beeotch and I’m done with taking cabs home for $45.

So ugh I crashed on his couch.  And I’ll be honest… I passed out. (Yes I know I said I’ve stopped crashing on couches. Dammit)

I woke up this morning and it took me a second to realize that I was on his couch.  In Manhattan.

PS I’m did the “reverse commute” as it’s called (when people live in Manhattan but work outside of Manhattan.) Hung over.


PPS It doesn’t help that in my drunkenness, though I still texted goodnight to Mona, it was brief. And now she has to deal with her bf having stayed out on a Monday night for baseball and drinking with buddies. 

I was hungover until noon, needing a good 3 more hours of sleep to function.

I probably would’ve been fine if it weren’t for the extra beer.

Ugh. Bad choices. I’m 42.

PPPS After I got home in the morning and texted my good mornings with Mona,  she gave me shit for not replying to her good night text until a half hour passed (apparently that happened). I just owned up to everything she said, said she was right, apologized. Seemed to reel everything back in. However,  I can easily see this being placed on her Short List to air out again when she has a major contention with me.

I do have to watch myself with alcohol.  I don’t drink all that often anymore,  however I can get sloppy when feeling the bro fun. Either way,  lesson re-learned. I can’t stay a buddy’s couch unexpectedly anymore. So much so that I have to stay away from those situations .  I can’t be the boyfriend who does that.  I have to step up my Adultness.


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