The Pleasant Pain

As of two weeks ago,  I hadn’t worked out since Mona and I started dating in May.

Why? Eh, who knows? I needed a break,  my schedule was all kooky. Take your pick.

However, I needed to NOT slide back too much. I didn’t want to “lose my gains” as they say.

Also… ok I’ll admit… I enjoy being physically admired by Mona. She likes to grab my arms/shoulders/chest.

And I’d like to keep that going. Physical attraction is important in a relationship.  I don’t want to give Mona cause to be let down that I no longer had something that she really liked about me.

So I’m on week 2 back at the gym. Yesterday was Leg Day, and OUCH, my legs hurt.  I stretched some and even went light on the weight but being sore somewhat is unavoidable.

And you know,  I like being sore. Means I’m working hard at it. I’m putting in some good effort, I’m hustling, I’m growing.


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