TV/Facebook… Anti-Focus

So it’s been well documented that I love Facebook.  Being in touch with many people at once,  it’s like we’re all hanging out and can be snarky together.  What’s not to like?

Also, I love tv and movies.

Yet I find myself watching things I really don’t need to watch.  (Ok ok an argument can be made that I don’t need any of it.)

I watch movies that I’ve seen,  TV episodes that I’ve seen already. In those cases I’m not really watching. I’m sitting and staring and letting time go by. Kind if zoning out.

And afterwards is always filed with regret.

A friend once challenged me to not go on Facebook or watch TV for a week or Is had to give him $100. I made it through.  When I got back on Facebook you know what I missed?

Nothing important at all.

Now TV is slightly different. There’s sports,  there’s news. I love late night tv,  rich can be watched on demand anytime.  I like Agents of Shield and Game of Thrones when the season is on.

Hmmmm… I sense a challenge. No FB for one week. TV only allowed watching my sports teams and a half hour of news in the morning and Agents of Shield (one viewing of the new episode) every week, and GoT reruns with Mona to get her up to speed.


  1. Interesting idea. Could give it a go. Pick one or two drama shows a week to watch, plus the ONLY football team actually IN New York (Yes, I’m talking the Jersey Jets and the Gersey Giants and the Buffalo, New York Bills)

    But then I’d have all this free time. What would one do? Become productive? Brew more beer? Both?

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