Gratuitous Rex 1st Anniversary


Well, I started this blog one year ago today. Why call it Gratuitous Rex? Why not?

I had always wanted to do some writing and a friend introduced me to blogging, so why not? My first blog post was this general piece about starting a blog and wanting to keep doing it, build momentum around it where I struggled with momentum with many other interests in the past.

GRex started as an outlet for comedy writing. In a former life I’ve done stand up comedy and I still think of goofy things daily.

But somewhere around December it morphed into “this is what’s going on in my life, and I’ll try to make it entertaining, but if not, it’ll just be real.”

I’ve had the privilege of being in contact with countless other bloggers and readers, them reading mine and me reading theirs, being in each other’s lives. Thank you for that. It’s a great community. I’ve even met a few of you (and may high-five a fellow blogger at this upcoming NY Marathon. I’ll be on 4th Ave and 87th St, left side of the Ave just past the Dunkin Donuts in the Santa hat.) Lots of fun.

For the year, I’ve made 480 posts, got 19,190 views, had 7,993 visitors (though I’m pretty sure those are not unique individuals, i think they’re daily numbers rolled up, so lots of duplicated people. Still impressive,) my best day for views had 256.

My blog has been read by people in 120 countries (including the elusive Greenland!) I think that’s pretty damn cool. Bringing people together from all over. Hello globe!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.48.30 AM

This map is from 2015 only. I have a few more countries from 2014 than in this map. Like Iceland. What’s up with that? No Iceland love in 2015.

I’ve had visitation from Search Engines 2,855 times. I think that’s pretty damn cool too, that people’s search attempts can end in content that I’ve made. And certain posts keep getting Search Engine love, many people out there interested in Billy Idol, Selfie Sticks, the (Awful) Sound of Loud Kissing and… Zonkeys.

Go figure.

Well, here’s to starting Year 2 of blogging!