On the Same Page aka Game of Thrones Coincidence

So Mona and I are hanging tonight. When we see each other, we’ve usually been going out to eat/drinks/activity then coming back home to do some advanced cuddling. However, we’re now starting “quiet evenings.” Which means staying in and eat (cook, take out or delivery) and some tv… and some advanced cuddling.

I see this as officially hitting the next gear in our relationship, downshifting as we go faster but with less rpm’s. The initial courtship period is over.  We don’t need to have big plans all the time anymore.

(Don’t get me wrong, we still have plans ahead. Next weekend we’re attending a jack o lantern festival. And she claims that her surprise plans for my birthday next month are spectacular.)

Last weekend, we started tv. Not a whole lot, I introduced her to Spartacus from the Starz network (ancient Roman gladiator violence and sex.) It’s off the air but I have a season on DVD. She liked it.

In anticipation of our next tv night, I purchased the first episode of Game of Thrones on Amazon Prime to test the water with her (I’m a huge fan, she’s never seen any… yet, and she’s been joking that if she liked GoT she’d be the perfect girlfriend for me.)

When I saw her earlier this week and we discussed tonight’s tv date, I broke the news that I have a GoT episode ready on Amazon Prime if she’d be willing to humor me.

And she said… that,  unbeknownst to me… she had also purchased the first episode of Game of Thrones on Amazon Prime to see if she’d like it.

Awesome. We are often on the same page but this is a huge (deep breath) COIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINCIDEEEEEEEENCE!!!!!!


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