I scored 20,000 points!

So an older friend of mine gave me some advice a few months ago: go the extra step with Mona: open doors and pull out her chair at restaurants. Classy moves, won’t go unnoticed.

Well, I’ve been doing just that and last night at the restaurant, as we were eating our entrees, an older woman walked over to me and said “I saw you pull out her chair. You get 20,000 points for it because that’s rare.”

Then the woman turns to Mona and tells her “don’t run from (me) so quickly.”

(Ironically,  Mona and I already use the points system,  saying “one point” for every exceptional thing the other does for us. So 20,000 puts me far ahead so it caused us to change our points value system.)

Odd way to put it but I get her drift.

Mona and I laughed about it for the rest of the evening.  Then when we got home, she gave me 100,000 points for my… er… performance.


  1. Not sure about the point system, but you ARE building resilience into your relationship. For every “bad” thing you do, you need like 7 “good things” to keep the relationship going. Keep banking that good stuff!

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