Naughty Day at Work

So for work today I had to look up if certain terms have been copyrighted already and if so, by who? Does that person or company share the same industry as my client?

So there I was, logged into this copyright database searching for a term that had 79 copyrights and I had to go through each one. So that took a while.

And as I clicked on one, it said “Movie” then I looked at the title,  and it was “100% Anal.”




So I wrote “Refers to a pornographic movie.” in my project notes. They may have needed more information and if they ask, I’ll give it… but I just couldn’t write “100% Anal” on a form for work.


  1. Work makes you find ‘not safe for work’ material. Oh, the irony. Even more so if you, well, never mind. You just don’t need this in a performance appraisal.

    And it’s “copyrighted”, I think. It has as more to do with the rights to ownership than it does the original writing of something.

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