Naughty Day at Work

So for work today I had to look up if certain terms have been copyrighted already and if so, by who? Does that person or company share the same industry as my client?

So there I was, logged into this copyright database searching for a term that had 79 copyrights and I had to go through each one. So that took a while.

And as I clicked on one, it said “Movie” then I looked at the title,  and it was “100% Anal.”




So I wrote “Refers to a pornographic movie.” in my project notes. They may have needed more information and if they ask, I’ll give it… but I just couldn’t write “100% Anal” on a form for work.


8 thoughts on “Naughty Day at Work

  1. Work makes you find ‘not safe for work’ material. Oh, the irony. Even more so if you, well, never mind. You just don’t need this in a performance appraisal.

    And it’s “copyrighted”, I think. It has as more to do with the rights to ownership than it does the original writing of something.

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