I have a lot of gas

Checked my bank account today and WHOA negative balance!

How can this be?

Looked at my Recent Activity and reviewed my bill payments that are taken directly from my account. Not automatic payments, mind you. I login every month to the individual companies or utilities and pay through my bank.


My gas bill every month is normally below $20. In my recent activity it said $215!!!!!!

Excuse me?

I quickly logged into my gas provider’s website. The bill was $15 but yes, I paid $215. My account balance is -$200!!!!!


That, my friends, was one expensive typo. Coincidentally enough, today my boss just returned a form that I filled out and noted that I made some typos.

Ok ok lesson learned. AGAIN: Proofread before I send or say something is ready.

Now let’s see if I can wrangle that money back from my gas company.

Here we go…


  1. Deepest condolences. Were you on automatic payment? Or did you write a check with a “typo”? If an automatic payment was in error, the bank may be liable. If they overdrew your account on a written check instead of “NSF” it, again, they may be liable. BUT it is a PITA to deal with until then. If you do NOT get your money back, you at least have 10 months of gas service you don’t need to worry about.

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