Runners only high-five people during the marathon

Every year the NY Marathon goes right through my neighborhood and a few years ago I started going to that avenue and cheer on the runners.

It started because I knew someone running and wanted her to see me.  So I wore a Santa hat to stand out and screamed on the sidelines. Not just to my friend, but to everybody. They all wear shirts with their names or countries on them. And I’m not below yelling “GO JENNIFER!” or “FRENCH PEOPLE RULE!” or “HEY YOU’RE AWESOME, KEEP RUNNING!” as I wave and high five runners.

Yeah I’m that guy.

Now, the other day in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, I had to move my car because of Alternate Side of the Street Parking where street sweeping machines come down the block and will sweep the street close to the curb. This happens once a week per side of the street.

And how many of us do it, we move our cars into position that morning, we double park on one side and as soon as the other side is done, we park on that side so we won’t have to move the car soon if we don’t have to. Here I was by my double parked car, waiting to move it.


As I was waiting in my car, a runner cane by. I figured hey, I LOVE to encourage runners.  I stuck out my hand and screamed “WAY TO GO!”

He did NOT high five me : (

Guess he’s missing some context,  huh?


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