Hot and Heavy

Things with Mona are good. Really good. Regarding frequency of seeing each other, this week was an exception where we saw each other THREE times this week, instead of the usual two: once during the week and BOTH Friday AND Saturday nights.

Yesterday she came over my place,  we hung at the park for a while. Laid on a blanket on a steep hill then proceeded to fight with gravity,  laughing and cuddling the entire way down the hill.

Came home, made pasta/sauce/meatballs.

Watched some tv then retired for the evening to test the resiliency of the great bed frame. Oh it’s solid.

She (we) still had to get up 530am Sunday morning so she could get home before 7am. And yes, I walked her to her car this morning : )

Things are going extremely well.  She’s working on the paperwork for the divorce. These next few months will be trying as they negotiate the terms. I’ll support her as best as I can.

A key thing I can do to help solidify  this relationship even more is GET A GOOD FULL TIME JOB and re-establish myself as a man with professional focus, security and direction.

As we stay together and move forward,  she’ll cease to appreciate me solely for my abilities to be adorable and make her happy, loved and oxytocin-filled, and will vet me as a potential long termer and I need to be prepared for that. Reminds me of this classic bit by Eddie Murphy


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