Forgetful, Delusional or a Miracle?

Last Thursday I flew to Ohio. I packed my stuff in two carry on bags: one smaller rolly rectangle and a backpack. As I went through the x-ray machine I noticed that my rolly rectangle was taken aside to be inspected. The TSA opened it and withdrew…

A big bottle of green hair gel. Ugh. I know the deal, can’t bring a big amount, or any, on a plane but as I packed I had a brain fart. DAMN, it was new too, barely used. Oh well, I have short hair anyway, plus I would be with family, I didn’t need to be prissed to the nines anyway.

So the weekend happened, funfunfun. Then I flew home.  In the course of unpacking I went into the bathroom and saw…
Yep… My big, barely used bottle of green hair gel.


Ok, I’m positive that I did NOT have TWO bottles of hair gel before the trip. Why would I have to full bottles of hair gel?

Or… Did I imagine the whole thing at security taking it away?

Or… it had to have been some kind of Hair Gel Miracle. There is no other explanation.


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