We’re fairly nauseating/The Seating Coincidence

Ok so Mona and I are still hot and heavy. Lots of texting throughout the day, lots of “I can’t wait to see you”s, lots of hearts and kissy emoticons. “Good morning” texts and “good night” texts. When we’re together just a ton of stroking and caressing arms, backs and legs. Not too much kissing in public as I’ve drawn that line early on.

It’s a ton of work. More than I’ve ever encountered. She did tell me that she needs lots of attention. I don’t mind it. If I’m busy I can sign off texting (and tell her I’m going to) and she understands. I don’t know if most women are like that with so much communication, probably not. Upside is I’m getting lots too. I don’t need it really, but it “doesn’t suck.”

This is new relationship/courtship stuff. I can’t see this level being maintained long term. I think we’ll hit another gear eventually where the rpm’s will decrease.

Anyway, yesterday we were to go to a wine bar but last minute I asked to change to a pub to see the Jets play on Monday Night Football. I’m a huge fan. We had previously discussed that this may happen at some point and she was happy to comply. We found a nearby pub, and sat down at a table that was two two-tops put together, a rectangular 4 top.

I suggested that we both sit side by side at a 4 top so we could both watch TV.

And she laughed.

Apparently, she was explaining us to a friend and described the way we are with each other as “fairly nauseating.” And her friend said that it’s ok, as long as we “don’t sit side by side at a restaurant.”

And there we were sitting side by side at a restaurant. We both laughed.

Then we watched football.


  1. Yeah, that ‘New Relationship Energy’. Hope you both taper at the same rate, as it WILL wear off a bit at some point.

    And here’s a coincidence – You are involved in one of your coincidences! Mona’s friend mentions not sitting next to each other at a restaurant and before you know it, you two are – sitting next to each other at a restaurant. Hmmmm . . .

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