I really want to give up, that’s how I know a breakthrough is coming

Wow, am I frustrated! I had two interviews with one company last week, I heard today that they passed on me for any more.

I had another interview two weeks ago, that didn’t pan out either.

As I got the notices of non-interest today, it got bad, my woe is me feeling down. Not necessarily because of those specific companies but this lack of full-time work is driving me bonkers. And the lack of money. I just want to throw my hands up and walk away. Which I really can’t because of the money. In my life, I’ve gotten fed up and walked away from a lot of things:

I’ve stopped looking for jobs before and stayed at miserable jobs, stopped pursuing my field of work from college and had to re-define myself, stopped looking for a woman to date at many times in my life giving up for months and years on end (not currently, things are great with Mona, however I’m 42 and still single), stopped trying to play piano periodically, stopped trying to learn Italian, stopped doing this crazy art that I do with yarn.

On and on and on.

And I can’t stop anymore. “Can’t stop, won’t stop” as the kids say these days. I have to keep pushing, keep fighting. My life is on the line. My relationship with Mona is at stake (or any woman), my adulthood, my pride, my purpose.

Enough. ENOUGH!

Look, there’s spilt milk. Who cares? Bring it on. Let’s do this! I’ve got a great life to create!


  1. I hear ya. Job hunting sucks. I hate it, but you do what you got to do. I’m trying to find something better, and have only been getting an interview here and there and then not hear back or they choose someone else. It is really very frustrating and discouraging. I feel ready to pack it in, too, but know I need to keep it up, that something’s got to work out soon.

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