Five Minutes of Focus

That’s about my attention span these days. You know how I know? Because that’s approximately how long I can go before checking in with my phone.

So I do something,  then five or less minutes later I’m checking Facebook,  my blog, email,  etc. Holy shit, I’ll never get anything done living like this. And if that’s the case, my life will go by in a flash, wasted, even more so.

I’ve wasted years,  I’m so behind in my life. I can’t lead a distracted life.

I know it’s an unconscious reaction now, if I have a free few seconds to check in with the phone.  Good God, I am not being the type of man is like a daughter or niece to marry.

I have a relative who wasted her life away wallowing in self pity and distracting herself with various vices. I love her,  and she’s a cautionary tale.

Let’s see how long I can go without picking up this phone again.


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