Ok ok, I told her I love her

So as loyal GRex readers know,  I’ve been dating Mona for 4 months as of tomorrow.

She’s awesome, we have lots of fun and we get along amazingly well.

Tonight I visited her neighborhood today and we just ordered in. She wasn’t feeling well so no kissing, so I don’t get sick.

We ate dinner,  walked and got some ice cream, came back and nuzzled on the futon. Lots of gazing in each other’s eyes and caressing. The moment was right.

“I love you.”

“I love YOU.”

Then uncontrollably,  we full on made out for ten minutes.  Oh well, I may get sick but it’s for a good cause.

There’s no going back now.

“But GRex, isn’t she still married, not divorced yet and still living with the guy?”

Yeah,  ok… circumstances are not ideal, but I’ve been waiting for ideal circumstances far too long and I’m 42 and still single.  I’m not going to deny the universe a gift of love. They’re separated and legally allowed to date.

But we still have to cross the REALLY BIG gateway in a relationship.  We’ve discussed it, and we’re DEFINITELY not ready to fart in front of each other

: )


  1. Like DotedOn said above – you can’t control your feelings, they just are what they are. You also can’t always control your innards. Just hope that the day the inevitable cheeser slips that it wasn’t after something like a broccoli quiche. And trust me, after 34 years of marriage, there aren’t many boundaries left. Totally shameless at this point.


  2. Yay for saying it! I hope her divorce gets sorted out soon, but as you said, you’re allowed to do it right? It’s not like she’s cheating on a clueless loving husband. How long do you think it will take for the farts?

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