Shrinking pains

Ok, so my last car, the car whose lease just ended, was a mid-sized car. My new car is a small model. I downsized model, upsized features. I have a moonroof now, that was the big thing I wanted. But there are also nice rims, reverse camera, passenger side blind spot camera, and that screen that those cameras show up on is also a digital screen for my radio/bluetooth for my phone, etc.


EXCEPT… the car has small car cogliones. It being smaller, weaker engine, lighter in weight than my old car. And that makes a huge difference while driving over 60. And with those differences, its handles differently at higher speeds. I did not realize that. Yes I test drove it but it was in the streets only. Today was the first time I’ve opened it up. I’ve still got to get used to where everything is in the car, and all of the settings, etc.

And I’m stuck the car for 35 & 1/2 more months.

Eh, I’ll get used to it. One can get used to anything, I’m sure it’ll be fine but I have to remember that for the next car, which I’ll probably buy.

Also, another thing I have to remember for my next car… having radio controls on a digital screen is an AWFUL idea. Now I have to look at the screen to change stations/toggled bt AM and FM, and using Bluetooth can be done voice-controlled but the readouts are on the touch screen too.

Wow, that’s SO DISTRACTING, such poor design. I did not realize that I rarely even looked at my prior car radios because I knew there the buttons and knobs were.

And my difficulty with the digital screen is probably exacerbated by the fact that I have poor depth perception due to my double vision. (Yes, I have double vision whenever I have both eyes open. I had a bad head injury when I was 12. My right eye(left when you’re looking at me) moves somewhat so they’re not always looking in the same direction. Some call it a “lazy eye” though you can’t always tell. Nerve damage. It’s like when you see two if you cross your eyes, that’s me… all the time. I used to talk about it when I used to do stand up comedy, that whenever I had sex it was automatically a threesome. Like I said, one can get used to anything.)

(And yes, I’m still allowed to drive a car.)


  1. tactile controls for things in the car is essential. Designers forget this because they have an idea in their head that is not safety or comfort of being able to make control adjustments without losing sight of the road. Voice commands are woefully slower than pressing a button you know without looking. They should make a universal radio/music remote that you can place where you like with tactile buttons and further such a thing should also work via blutooth with mobile media devices… much the way that iPhone ear buds have the buttons to control parts of the phone.


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