3 Coincidences (last one was key)

So today on FB I saw a friend was in Pittsburgh and I suggested some things to do because I went there last year to visit a friend Steve and his wife Hilary when they lived there.

Not five minutes later, I get a text from Hilary about Dave’s birthday next week.


Then a friend on FB (lots of these are FB related) posted a question to post a bad song that I often find myself singing. I then shut Facebook and thought.  What could it be?

It then hit me!  “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

Ok truth be told,  I like that song but I was in a pinch.

I opened Facebook back up and saw that the last person who commented said “Who Let The Dogs Out?”


#3 isn’t quite a coincidence. Ok here me out.

So I got my latest paycheck in the mail earlier this week. I finally deposited it today. And upon doing so I realized that my automatic payment to the car lease that I just returned STILL WENT THOUGH. 


Even though my new car company SAID THEY WERE PAYING IT!

Turns out, my New Car Lease Company did not let the Old Company electronically,  or even with an EMAIL. Of a PHONE CALL. They’re just mailing a check to the Old Company and in that USPS parcel will be the info.

Meanwhile, the Old Company has no idea to not cancel the automatic withdrawal from my checking account.

So yes, they withdrew from my account TODAY.  And… thinking I didn’t have to make sure the monthly payment money was in anymore, my checking account went sub zero.

HOWEVER, since I deposited the money today then I did not go into sub zero because the same day transactions canceled each other out.

If I would have waited another day to deposit my check I would have been F’D.


(I’ve since given the New Car Company a piece of my mind. And still need to more. Those pricks!)

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