Joy in Others’ Suffering

Ok so in Someone Falls on a Bike and  Breaks the Tension I mentioned that I’m not getting along with one of my bosses, Donna. She’s very much like the sky is falling all of the time. Isn’t supportive and is pretty much an awful manager of people.

Well, today she told me and others on my level that we had to do a particular job which had us reaching out to others, trying to establish first contact with them to do business with them.  We all tried one way already,  now we tracked them down on different websites and are reaching out again with an inquiry.

So that’s what we did.

Towards the end of the day Donna asked for the actual verbiage we were using in our email/social media  correspondences.  I sent and apparently it was wrong so we all had a conference call where it became apparent that others were doing it incorrectly too.

However, she did NOT tell us that she wanted it a particular way. She just generalized it. And on the conference call, I was not the only person.  Others,  who have been there longer than I have been there, also didn’t do it exactly the way she did it. And I could tell by their “yes, Donna”s that they didn’t care for Donna’s style.

Yes! Now, not that I want others to fail. Au contraire. However,  I have some kind of agreement that Donna’s initial request was open to interpretation.

Now,  of course I can’t point that out to her. I do not have that relationship with her. Hopefully she’ll figure out that if more than one person didn’t understand it then maybe it’s her communication that needs work. But in a way, I feel validated.

We’re not mindreaders.

Donna still ended the day early, saying that she was going to work on the proper email verbiage for every scenario so we can get it right.

So we have zero leash. Ugh.

Now, I understand. She’s part owner and she is very hands on. But it is very tough when someone is constantly looking for the wrong I do.

Ironically, the other boss is awesome and laid back.  Go figure.


  1. Your boss sounds to be a disorganized person. She’s probably smart but isn’t good at delegating or explaining instruction. I think a lot of micro Managers are the way they are because they’re not good at this. So they compensate by having to be on top of everyone. Super annoying. Clear instruction with clear expectations and clear deadlines usually resolve these issues! If only she’d realize that! Good luck!

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