Emergency Date

So Friday night Mona came to my apt and spent the night. Yesterday (Saturday) we did our own thing. I shopped for cars by me but then, in the evening, visited a friend, Doug, on Long Island, had some beers and burgers with his wife, kids and other company.  Fun times.

The kids didn’t have any beers : )

Then Mona texted. She was in the hospital ER. She doubled over in abdominal pain at home, thought it was similar to kidney stone pain that she  had once experienced, and took herself to a hospital very close by to her home.

And that hospital was not far from Doug. So I sobered up in an hour and sped to the ER.

I walked in and told her that she must have really missed me and will do anything to see me. I beat her to a joke she already had prepped.

Mona laid there in some discomfort and zero makeup. First time for that and she quipped that I would break up with her the next day. I assured her no, that I’ll wait until after she takes me on the birthday plans she’s made for me.  She claims they’re great.

I pulled up a chair and we nuzzled as best as we could in between visits from nurses and a physician’s assistant. We kissed a little and just stroked each others’ arms.

When they took Mona for a catscan, j hopped in the bed.


We took various other silly pictures of the evening.  No it wasn’t physically pleasant for her but we made the most of it.

Tests showed she has two small kidney stones and they gave her medication and she’ll see a specialist.

We left around 2am. By that time I was so tired that driving 45 minutes home was not an option. So I crashed on the futon in her office, which we’ll be doing together tonight, pending how she feels.

In the morning,  I did the only reasonable thing I could think of: stopped at Taco Bell for a “California” AM Crunchwrap.  That was damn good.



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