Just admit it

So I had a family thing tonight on Long Island, 3 counties away. I drove out, went out for dinner.

Drove home with a headache and as I got to my neighborhood,  Mona texted a quick “Goodnight.”

Uh oh. No added “baby” to it, mention if missing me or kissy emoticons.

Something’s up. What did I do now?

I texted back something general and she responded that she was disappointed that I had the time to post something on FB but not send her a little text.

OH GOOD GRIEF!  AGAIN?! Do we have to text ALL THE TIME?!

I did NOT apologize, but just explained a bit on text.

But that didn’t really get anywhere, and I AM committed to neither one of us going to bed upset, so we spoke.

Pretty early on she admitted that she needs a lot of attention in a relationship.

No shit, Sherlock.

But seriously, that went a long way with me.  I don’t care if people act out of normal as long as they can own up to their quirks with some honesty. Once that’s done, in my opinion, an understanding gets opened up.

And I’m thankful she said that. Gave me the space to tell her that I can’t read her mind. And we covered some other stuff too.

And yes I realize that this probably means that she really likes me and wants to make sure I feel the same about her so she’s not wasting her time. We have not used the word “love” yet but it’s going to have to be said soon.  I do love her AND I’m not sure if it’s wise given her martial status (separated but still living with the guy and their kids.)

But yeah, it has to be said soon. We’re almost at 4 months and she’s planning plans for another 2 months out (my birthday.)

Or she’s all oxytocined up and instinctively needs to bond.


  1. Eeps. I’ve just come into this so don’t know all the backstory, but I’d tread carefully – if you’re not a natural texter-all-the-time and she is, it could spell trickiness. I have zero interest in texting back and forth with anyone all day long however much I like them, and it’s got me in trouble with guys who have thought it meant I wasn’t interested. I think there has to be a happy medium where you make some effort to text (chat, whatever) more, but she doesn’t freak out if you don’t text as much as she wants you to. Good luck!

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  2. Do her husband and kids know about you? I can’t imagine dating or being in love with someone who is still married and living with their spouse. I know these things aren’t easy to sort out, but it doesn’t take six months or more. She needs to sort her life out before you two get any more deeply involved.

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