Wedding Fun

So this past Saturday I took Mona to a wedding.  It was WAY out on Long Island,  so far out that going to a night wedding and going home that night is not going to happen.

So I got us a nearby hotel room.

Getting there was interesting, all my doing. I was out pricing cars in the morning and had to rush packing and getting ready.  I picked her up late, got in the hotel later than we wanted and, given that she’s a woman and needs over and hour to get ready, and given that I had to go out to buy shoelaces, we had no prewedding fun in the hotel.

We had been planning it all week. So ok, I got some shit for it, but we moved on and got ready and got to the ceremony just as the bridal party started walking.

Quick ceremony then straight into the cocktail hour. Just like I like weddings.

Now the woman getting married is a friend of mine Sadie, that I’ve written about before. I know a few of her friends and family members, not many. I had originally rsvp’d YES when I was invited alone. But now I’m thinking wow that would have been ROUGH. I would have had to have been overly friendly so I could hang around people I barely know the entire night. I COULD do it, I think. But ugh! Sounds awful.

But Mona was a God-send for me. Yes we mingled somewhat but it being a new relationship it was very cool helping each other navigate the wedding.

And dancing. 

As Hitch said: Women equate dancing to sex

It was our first real time dancing together. I have never been one to shy away from a dance floor (not since I was 16 anyway.) I got some typical club moves, and I can move my hips. A friend once referred to my style of dancing as “guidosalsa.”

Normally at a wedding where I knew people, it would be one big dance free for all. But since I didn’t know lots of people  I kept The Rex/Mona entity more or less to ourselves.

And wow, we dance very well together. We couldn’t kiss since she had remnants of a cold sore so there were no “dance floor make out sessions” thank goodness.

But we still can’t keep our hands off each other. I gave her some swing dance-ish throws, and often we kept very close, often bodies pressed pelvis through bridge-of-nose, gyrating in rhythm.

I don’t think it was obscene, perhaps borderline. Just felt very sexy.

I like a woman I can dance well with.

And it didn’t hurt that I was in one of my new suits:


Back to the hotel for a lil sumpn’ sumpn’ and some more the next morning before I drove her home.

Very successful first overnight with Mona outside of our own places.


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