The Sound of the Parting of Moist Lips

Long ago I wrote about my hatred for the smacking sound of loud kissing, which still gets picked up on Google Searches every day.

But last Friday I noticed another mouth-related awful sound: when people part their lips before speaking and it makes a moist sound.

The sound may be from the tongue coming off the roof of the mouth as one opens the mouth.

Either way…  that’s a thing.

I was watching a video on a company’s website the other day. Yes, a corporate video, one produced to explain business in hopes to move it forward.  And this woman parted her lips before speaking every sentence, probably trying to be very controlled.

However, in doing so,  I cringed before  every sentence because that moist sound happened EVERY TIME.   Ok ok my blog is not an audio medium so I can’t exactly put the sound on my blog. But use your imagination.

Someone I know refers to it as the “Grandma Sound” for some reason.

And once you do realize what the sound is,  be sure to NEVER MAKE THAT SOUND WHILE SPEAKING AROUND PEOPLE.




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