Waaaaah! You didn’t ask me how my day was!

Mona went into the city this afternoon with her friend for lunch and a Broadway show.

We texted most of the day, she sent pictures. After Mona got home, she sent more pictures from her walk home.

And we’re texting all evening as she’s getting he kids ready for sleep and doing her chores.

And I’m getting ready for an interview. Ok I didn’t tell her that.  But whatever.  A comment here and a comment there’s not going to kill me.

“So you didn’t ask me how my day in the city was.”

Oh GOOD FUCKING GRIEF! She sent me pics of everything now I have to get the play by play?

“Hello Rex. Welcome to the World of Women.”

Yes I know women love the details and love going over their day, but she had to call it out like it was so fucking wrong? She couldn’t have just TOLD ME ABOUT IT?!

You know, Mona apologized once because she forgot to ask me about something I did.

“You did? Oh.” Like I care. I’m not going to point it out to her. Who cares?

“Because it shows your interest in her life.” Oh put a sock in it, point something out if it’s important and consistent, but allow me to have my own life with concerns of my own.

How dare I not be thinking of everything she’s done all the time!

I know I’m going to hear it from my female readers. Go ahead ladies…


  1. Rex your a good guy. Try not to let this bug you too much. As annoying as it is, it just means you likes you enough to want to matter to you. She hasn’t been able to see you as much as she’d like to, this leaves her feeling disconnected. The cold sore has her feeling unattractive. She’s probably physically not feeling well. All of this in the land of women equals insecurity. The easiest way to minimize your stress, and hers is one simple sentence. ” Oh babe I’m missing you too, now tell me everything.” 😉 G-uno

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  2. Yes it was a little much with all the pics. Did she really want to give u a play by play or just want you to ask if she had a good day? And yes we’re women, n we can be pains in the ass lol. But we’re worth it 🙂

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