To the Victor Go the Pants

(Written on Thursday)

So I’m going to a wedding on Saturday way out on Long Island.  And I’m bringing Mona and she’s wearing this great black dress.

So this is an optimal opportunity to wear one of my new suits ($700 suits wholesaled for only $200! I know a guy.)

So that means I needed to have to get the pants hemmed PRONTO. I brought them to my dry cleaners last Saturday, to be picked up today.

Today was busy at work, for the most part. But as 645 came HOLY SHIT I forgot to get my suit pants! They close at 7pm!

Sure I could get them on Friday but I wanted a day buffer in case they need to be retouched for some reason.

My area is truly a land of convenience. My dry cleaner is around my corner. As I turned the corner I caught Benny the Dry Cleaner about to lock up. “Rex! You want to pick up?”

God bless him he went back inside,  turned the lights back on, and got my newly hemmed suitpants.

I’ll try them on first thing tomorrow. I’m pumped, they’re a higher quality of suit than I’ve ever had.  The cloth alone feels great.

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