RIP First Kiss

So on Facebook yesterday somebody said that it was such a shame and tragedy that a friend of hers died in a motorcycle accident.

And that woman she named was the first woman I’ve ever kissed.


Diana Dietrich. My age.


It was summer of 1986. I was 13. What did boys do in the summer if they didn’t go to camp? We used to hang out on centrally-located-friends’ block. Must have been eight to ten of us. Playing sports, running around, riding bikes (or even a friend’s moped.) Just being loud wiseasses..

And then the girls came around.

I’m not sure who else was there but definitely Diana and her friend Betty who we also knew. Diana was pretty, blonde with LOTS of hairspray, as was popular in the 80s.

I don’t remember the events that night leading up,  basically early teenage arrogant silliness i guess.

After a while, kinda below the radar… “Hey Diana, take a walk with me.” (I think it was my idea.) I’m pretty sure we just walked around the block. I was never a big player, and certainly not at 13, but things looked pretty good so I just turned to her, pulled her to me, tilted heads right and our mouths met. Then they OPENED.


Our mouths just stayed open, not very lip oriented. This was “french kissing” and we dueled with our tongues. A basic 13 year old make out session.

This was it! I made it into the land of women. Fuckin A!

We finished kissing after a few minutes or so, walked another hundred feet.

I put my hand on her BUTT too. Oh yeah! I was THE MAN.  Then we made out again.

After this one,  I’m pretty sure I told her I loved her.

That’s not a lie. (Sigh) Eh, I was 13.

As we walked around the last corner, back into view of everyone else,  Diana yelled to our friends “We’re married!”

I don’t think anyone paid us any mind though and she and I didn’t subsequently hang on each other. But when it was time for her to go home, this cool guy Josh offered to walk her home.

“Josh… I got this.” I said.


I walked her home, we made out some more.

That was it. I didn’t get her number for some reason, but knew I’d see her soon on that block.

I told the guys we made out, I was cool for a night.

A few nights later I saw Diana and asked her if she wanted to date me.

She said no.

I saw her sporadically throughout the years. We hung in different scenes. She was a cool, cut-school badass kind of girl,  I was more nerdy. To be honest, I can’t recall if she went to my high school.

A few years ago we connected on Facebook. Went through the greetings,  catching up on making out in the 80s and that was about it. She was divorced with a son. I think she worked in sales.

Then at some point, I noticed she defriended me. No biggie, we had zero relation.

And this week she died in a motorcycle accident. I don’t know the details. Such a tragedy. Right in the middle of her life. Unexpected and awful. And I would imagine what she went through was pretty horrendous. Sad.

I have no idea who will now raise her son. I hope the father is still around. So sad. I was a child with a parent who died young. I hope her son gets the consoling and counseling he needs to mourn, grieve and process. He’ll need it. He’ll never be the same.

RIP Diana. Thanks for the kisses.


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