Being there for her

So Mona’s been sick this summer. Then she had a cold sore on her lip.  Then she got sick again.  Now another cold sore. So kissing has been on hold for a good portion of the last month.

Sure she’s stressed out from being separated and her immunity is down  from being sick. Hey, I get cold sores occasionally.  I get it.

Last Friday she felt awful about herself.  “All I wanted to do was kiss you”, she said. But she can’t.  I’m seeing her tonight and we still can’t kiss each other. It doesn’t stop us from having sex, mind you, just modifying it.

So with her feeling inadequate, the only thing I so me being is a source of calm for her. “I know this is an obstacle.  Well get through it.” She felt like a hot mess.  “Well, you certainly are hot” I said

It’s my responsibility to be that for her. Be her rock.  Make her feel loved in times when she’s down. And I’m happily doing it. She means that much to me, she’s awesome, I don’t care if I have to wait to kiss her again.

Ok I do, but big picture, it’s about being strong for her and taking care of her as she goes through her stuff.


  1. ❤ This made me smile, Rex! I'm so happy for you! I hope she gets better soon. (And tell her to be careful, those things could be nasty and expand all over. I could tell you what happened to me but I don't want half the world knowing that too 😀 )


  2. That’s very sweet and special! I am so glad you have found someone that makes you happy! I’ve never had a cold sore but when I first started dating my husband, I got mono and strept throat at the same time. I had the most disgusting sores all over my mouth, tongue, and throat. He went and picked up my medicine for me and told me I was still beautiful lol. Hope she’s better soon. Hugs xoxo

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