Insane Amusement Park Ride

So the famous annual feast came to my hometown (I guess it’s more of a carnival but we use “feast.”) I’ve been going to this feast for at least 30 years. It used to be run by a local restaurateur and his family, his club and his employees. He’s since passed away,  I’m not sure who runs it now, though I did see his son there last night.

Mona and I went this weekend. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant first then went to the feast.

I wondered to her if I was going to see anybody I knew who still live in the old neighborhood.

In about five minutes, I did.

We then played some games of chance. I swear, Mona is hypercompetitive, like Monica from the tv show Friends. People have called her that many times before (and ironically, years ago, people have called me Chandler.)

(And the fact that she’s 4′ 11″ makes her even more adorable when she’s in  competition mode. She does not give a fuck. Good for her.)

She won some stuffed animals for her kids. Then we bought tickets for rides. 

And we chose to go on The Zipper first.

Around and around it goes, tumbling over and over. Screams mixed with laughter. Very fun and absolutely insane.

And when our cage went around a long end of the ride as it was at the 10, 9 or 8 o’clock position,  wow that was intense.

And my phone fell out of my pocket in the middle of the ride. Luckily it’s a complete cage so it couldn’t fall to the ground. And luckily I was quickly able to partially sit on it, otherwise it would cease being a phone and start being a weapon.

And God knows I was not about to let go of the handle in the cage.

Wow, that was not the ride to go on after eating a full rack of ribs. I did NOT puke but it got me queasy for a bit.

But vengeance was mine as we went on the next ride,  the Scramble, and Mona proceeded to get queasy from that.

It still didn’t stop her from from throwing a ball on target and soaking a guy in the dunk tank.

Good times.


  1. That Zipper is an evil ride. Years ago I went on it with my son, who was maybe 10 at the time. Had NO idea what we were getting in to. As the ride started it wasn’t too bad, but once it hit full speed, the G forces were really working. My head kept banging against the poorly padded wall above the cage entrance. Ended up bracing myself with my arm so when my head did snap forward it whacked my somewhat softer forearm. My son was having a little trouble staying inside the restraints, so I had to use my other arm to hold him in place. Then my keys jumped out of my pocket during one particularly violent inversion. I was lucky enough to get my foot on them and hold them in place. Someone in one of the other cars was screaming bloody murder for the entirety of the ride, but the carny never backed off. When the ride was done and we all crawled out of the cages, one girl looked like she got in a fight with a bunch of hyenas and lost – badly. THEN the carny cared, and I don’t think that ride ran for the rest of the night. Kind of surprised they still use them. Give me a big honking roller coaster or the Tilt-a-Whirl any day!

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