#nofilter is so dumb

Ok, so I know people can add filters to various photos to make them seem brighter, darker or just different than the original.

And yes, people hashtag pics and posts to be (or feel) clever and they could be found if people track that hashtag.

I get it.

HOWEVER, when people post a pic and tag it as “#nofilter”…


A friend just did that with a selfie of her and two friends while camping. Just a mid shot of three people with some leaves in the background.


“This picture was so great naturally, I didn’t have to do anything to it.”

First of all, is filtering pictures that popular that NOT doing it is an event?

Second of all, has anyone ever tracked #nofilter in social media? Please tell me no for the sake of mankind.

Thirdly… ok I just tracked #nofilter (only for the sake of this post, I swear, but I still hate that I did it) and, it’s annoying enough but when people use it improperly, it’s extra annoying. People use it on images of graphics and words. What the hell?

Fouth of all, WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK? Quit wasting my reading time.

Fifth of all, I can’t believe I’m commenting about annoying things people do on social media, but these are the days we live in.

Sixth of all, get off my lawn!



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