Kemosabe Coincidence

So I was at the Brooklyn Cyclones game tonight.  They’re a minor league baseball team in the Mets’ organization.
(One of their mascots, Peewee. Their other is Sandy, both named after Brooklyn Dodger greats.)

At one point in between innings they played The Sugarhill Gang’s song Apache (Jump On It)

As it was playing I listened closely as I never knew what they were saying and noticed today one line went “Tonto! Jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it!” And then the next spoken lime was the same except instead of Tonto it was Kemosabe.

Not three minutes later I hear my cousin next to me say the word “Kemosabe.” Shocked,  I asked why she said that.  Apparently it rhymed with the name of the player who was up at bat at that moment.


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