Pay Attention to Random Things

So 2+ months ago I mentioned that Mona and I had dinner at a hotel restaurant on the beach in Nassau County, Long Island and noticed that a symphony was playing on the beach.

Afterwards, we inquired further and saw that there is music on the beach M-Th in the summer.

We’ve since seen doo wop and a Rat Pack tribute.

Tonight, an 80s rock cover band, mostly playing Bon Jovi and Journey. We picked up some food and brought it on the beach. Crowded show tonight.  So much fun. We both love that music, we sang, we danced a bit.

And the band even played Van Halen’s song “Jump” (which I also heard live two days ago, by Van Halen.)

If we never went to that hotel there for dinner,  we would have never known that they had concerts on the beach. Wow we’ve enjoyed that.

It’s amazing the butterfly effect of decisions. I guess that’s what life really is.

She’s been sick lately so no nice-nice in a week.  This coming Friday, we hope to resume our regularly scheduled programming with great verve.

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