Wham, Bam, Thank You Rex!

So Mona’s (eventual ex-)husband is out of town for work,  so Mona and I can’t have a Monday or Wednesday date this week like we normally do because after work she needs to take care of her kids

And this weekend coming up we’re not seeing each other because of more schedule conflict with her (eventual ex-) husband’s work trip.

So we weren’t looking forward to TEN DAYS of not seeing each other. And no seeing each other means no “fun time” (ifyouknowui’msayin.) I swear her libido is stronger than mine is. Given our age’s, that’s probable since she’s closer to her prime than i am to mine. And personally, I’d like to keep her libido as happy as possible.

So tonight she only had about 45 minutes free after work before her child duties began.  Plus she’s an hour away from me by car.

Fuck it.  I made the trip.

I ordered food, had it delivered to her office and timed it so I arrived a few minutes before it arrived (actually I was late by a few minutes but so was the delivery guy.)

We inhaled our food, and got to business though it was abbreviated due to the time constraints.  She still left a little late but all in all I drove an hour for an hour-long express date and drove back home to the county of Kings.

I feel so used ; )


  1. You da man! Under the circumstances (for now), just keep making a fun memory when you can with Mona. I’m sure you gained extra “man points” for the drive and dinner. Mona’s first priority, I’m sure, is her children. I think it’s awesome that you drove over to see her, had dinner, and a short hubba-hubba! Things we do for love, right??

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