Has anyone worked as a bank teller? Aka Returning Change Woes

So as I mentioned in Tightening the Belt, I’m rolling up spare change and depositing it in my bank in order to save some money.

Yesterday I brought in $320 in quarters.  I honestly would have brought more in  but it was too heavy to walk 4 streets with (in my neighborhood walking to my car, driving, finding parking, walking to the bank doesn’t make sense.  Parking lots for stores don’t exist in my neighborhood.)

Anyway, today I brought in $300 more in quarters. I went to a random teller, Bob,  but yesterday’s teller, Yolanda, was next to him. When I said that I was there to deposit change he mumbled something to Yolanda and she said to him “oh… Rex?” And looked my way.

Then the two of them looked over to what I assume is a manager “Ivan” and there was a discussion that I couldn’t here.

And already my blood was getting hotter.

“You can’t bring change here anymore,” said Yolanda.


Ivan proceeded to tell me that some of my quarter rolls had random nickels and some didn’t equal the $10 that the roll was to hold, and that caused difficulty for the teller that physically counted the change.

I apologized for my sloppiness. But between you and me… I don’t mean to be a dick but… so what?  I assume when people return change rolls that incorrect counts happen relatively commonly.  Do they BAN EVERY PERSON for miscounting change?

I’m sorry but dealing with inexact change rolls is in the job description.

Again, my bank is not one that has a fancy machine to count change with,  which that alone really blows my mind.  Not that they need one in the lobby like other banks do but they don’t have one in the back office to do this task so tellers won’t have to do it?  They still rely on physical counting of change?

Oh good grief cavepeople!

Then Ivan said that they would accept the change but would have to send it out somewhere to be counted.

Excuse me?! What kind of a bank are they running there? Is it not their job?

Which leads me to ask you fine blog reading people…

Is it not their job?

Amongst other things, of course.  Am I expecting bank tellers to do things that they no longer do? Am I stuck in the 90s rolling my change, writing my bank account # on them and bringing it to the tellers to deposit.

Keep me honest,  people, am I in the wrong on this one?


  1. You’re kind of wrong. With everything electronic it’s not great for a teller to be out of balance at the end of the day. So if you aren’t going to switch to a bank with a coin counter, you should make sure your coins are exactly correct if you are going to roll them.

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  2. You’re right they should have some electric counter, even a 15$ home version that separates and counys would do the job. Most people on my coast are lazy and use coinstar but you loose ten cents on the dollar. They need to suck it up and take your money. Money is money.


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