Tightening the Belt

So as I mentioned,  my credit card bill has gotten past $8k. I have to get back on top of that and reel it in as much as I can. That’s enough. I’m putting me back in control.

So I did something today I haven’t done in a while…

I deposited some change into my bank account.

About my change: I keep an empty coffee can to hold all of my loose change.  When it’s full… well… I used to change it in for cash at the machine at TD Bank. However,  I don’t bank there so they charge a % fee. So I stopped.

Then I’d roll up the change and bring to my bank. Which, ok, is a pain in the ass. So I’ve just been getting more coffee cans and filling them up. As of a few days ago I had 9 cans, I think. 

So it was time to start rolling.

I only brought $300 to the bank today even though I have more rolled already.  Why only $300? Because $300 worth of  quarters is FUCKING HEAVY (I even feel pain in the area where I had my hernia surgery a decade ago, ifyouknowui’msain.)

So a little each/every few days.

I think when all is said and done there will be at least $1k. I could use that for rent too, but I’m consulting sometimes and have some savings, so I’ll put the change towards my credit card bill.

Step 2: I cut down my cable l tv subscription. I’m keeping internet, that’s a necessity,  but TV?…

(sigh) TV I can do without. Or at least the cable channels. I’m keeping the local networks and ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC.  I considered “cord cutting” aka internet only, but the difference between Internet only and having local networks + Internet was minimal.

So goodbye HBO, Comedy Central, FX, TBS, ESPN, SNY (Mets), etc.

Ugh that’s going to hurt, not being able to watch most of the Mets games. When football comes around I’ll only miss Monday Night Football, which isn’t awful.

The difference is about $50 from what I’m paying now.  I should have done this once I heard that I was losing my job a year ago. Oh well. I have to look forward and do the right thing.

And farewell to Headline News’ Robin Meade, you perfect specimen of a woman. (Whimper.)


  1. Just get an Amazon Firestick and then download the Kodi app. You can cut the cord at that point and still watch all your shows.


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