The Latest- Part 2- Mona

Things are going very well. We’re using all pet names now.  And “miss you”s and “wish I was there with you”s. It’s very cute.

Still see each other only two days a week and is starting to not be enough, but with the distance between us and her divorce not being final,  that’s all we can do.

Ok that’s a lie. We can do one more weekday evening- I drive out and we have 3ish hours together before I have to come home. Honestly doing that once a week us kind if draining for me. She’s about an hour away.  But I may have to throw in a second (and her only other free) weekday, Wednesday,  every other week or so.

This Saturday will make three months and unfortunately we won’t see each other this weekend, she has schedule complications.

In anticipation of that (because we’re talking about our schedules a month out now) last Friday she came over and I took her to a fancy steak place in my hood. Later we tested the new bed again.  I can’t believe it doesn’t squeak. Let the oxytocin keep flowing!

Plus we have a wedding at the end of the month.  And she’s talking about buying Broadway tix for mid-Sept.

Things are looking good. I think we’ll be using the L word like any day now.  She’s awesome.  I do love her and I love us together. Of course the wild card in this is that she’s still married and a firm divorce is nowhere in site. They’re working on it but it’s going slowly. My sister keeps earning me not to get hurt. I understand her concern, but I gotta throw myself into this. If i can be honest, I’ve lived my life not taking many risks. Fuck it, I want to give it a shot.

Part of me is dumbfounded by how well it’s going. I don’t feel like a catch these days with my career in flux.

We’ll see.

We won’t see each other until Monday, where we’re seeing a Journey/Bon Jovi cover band on the beach.

I may buy/mail her a Thinking of You card and mail it to her office. It could get there by Friday.


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