Optimism is Everywhere

Ok, i love an old Tony Robbins expression: “your only limitations are your expectations.” Makes sense to me. If one expects bad/small/lower level things pessimist, that’s what they’ll reach.  If one is confident, expects greatness/high quality things, an optimist, then they’ll manifest that.

My friend Steve called me a pessimist once. We were 11 and Steve wrote some songs and had me and another friend, Al, bang on various objects while he sang.  It was fun to do in his basement,  but then he said that we should do a concert for the neighbors. And I automatically poopoo’d the idea, as we weren’t musicians and we were just banging on objects all crazy-like.

Steve points to me and says to Al: “Pessimist.”

I’m not going to say I’m always a pessimist, but I can how that game of mind has cost me many things in my life: school, women, work, money,  etc.

I was intending on blogging that story about my pessimism, that a shift to optimism was needed.

And just to drive that point home, on Facebook I saw an article about Optimism, specifically Optimistic People Always Being Late

Now I don’t quite agree with this article but “optimism” leapt in front of my face.

THEN, a friend posted this Colin Powell quote: “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”

This means it increases someone’s effectiveness.

Ok ok I get it. “You manifest what you dwell upon.” “You attract what you put out into the universe.” Etc.

This is my new path. I need to set up my life so I can win at the optimism game. I need to create some practices and get some friends involved to hold me accountable. This was the missing ingredient.

I know I’ve been writing a lot of similar stuff lately.  As I’ve written, not having a full time job has effed with me something awful and I need to keep working this out and build myself up again.

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