CSI: Brooklyn

So Mona came over last night. We tested the new bed frame at it’s higher height than the previous bed frame. Man it made noise.

Then we went shopping for groceries, she made spaghetti in pesto with Chicken and peas. Was excellent!

We took my bed apart then put it back together, though lower. She on the screwdriver, me on the Allen Wrench.

We played Boggle (man I love me some Boggle.) I beat her but she looks like she’s getting the hang of it and will surpass my skills very soon.

Then retired to the new bed for a second time of the day.  At the lower height it made much less noise, except when the headboard is held onto, which makes sense.

There was no tie tying, bondage action. Next time.



Oh yeah,  i forgot to mention that her monthly “friend” was in town though winding down. Historically I stay away but Mona can be quite convincing, so we laid down a towel and proceeded. And let’s face it, once we got started we weren’t really mindful of the whereabouts of said towel, and we certainly weren’t mindful of her condition in general.

So what I’m saying is… My bed looks like a crime scene. On the fitted sheet, on the other sheet, on a pillow case.

So yeah, my bad. Happens to everyone. Eh they’re my sheets anyway. I’ll try to shout it out when I wash later this week. 


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