Putting Mona up in a pedestal

So I got a new bed frame, which I mentioned in I’m 42 after all. Here’s the story of how it became mine.

Actually,  a friend “Simpson” was selling his bed frame, along with other furniture.  Said so on Facebook. The bed is a nice metal frame, with head/footboards.

I emailed Simpson, caught up and mentioned that I’d love to take the bed however I just stayed a new job and am watching my expenses.

Seed planted, figuring if he didn’t get any offers he may just give it to me.

Last week I got the email that yes, I could have it, just pick it up. So I did and today I put it together in anticipation of Mona coming over tomorrow for a sleepover.

I put the frame together then attached to the head/footboards. They have many holes to put in the screws that attach to the frame at different heights. I chose the highest ones.

Now there’s at least 15 inches of space underneath. It’s too high. The frame is very solid, but I need to go lower two notches. I’m going to get a nosebleed up here on this pedestal of a bed.

Mona us 4’11”. She’s going to need a step stool or to take a running jump.

I’ll adjust at some point next week.

I am just ridiculously happy with this situation.  I’ve never had a bed with head/footboards. Not as an adult anyway. And I created getting it for free. I willed it.

And now,  I have to choose which ties can be used for tying each other to the headboard.  She’s been talking about it all week.

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